Press Article

Advancing Competences in the European Senior Service Sector

Acronym: ACE
PROJECT NO. 2014-1-CZ01-KA202-002058

The current demographic tendencies within EU influence the challenges in social and health services.
Existing vocational systems face the need for revised job competences of care staff in the senior service
sector and raising the standards of quality and professionalism. The majority of European countries each
have numerous job profiles in the field of social, primary care and nursing professions. One of the aims of
the ACE project was to carry recognition and validation of acquired skills in these fields across the national
borders by creating a single profile of Senior Service Worker. Although achieving consensus was no easy
task, the partners have identified training outcomes common across the partnership borders and created
job profile adoptable in European countries.

The main characteristics of newly developed Senior Service Worker profile are: unified training system;
modular design composed of 7 units; web-based training combined of classroom instruction and e-learning
training elements. Development of training content with innovative features as is required in order to allow
carers to acquire new competences and skills for meeting current and present career demands.
Fundamental role in this respect is assigned to the CVET system. The target of developed training system is
to prepare senior service workers based on the following competences: person-centred approach in
communication; respect of individual beliefs, values and cultural practices; communication based on
different cultural backgrounds; conflict handling; developing tolerance of ambiguity; cooperation within
inter-professional and inter-cultural teams; developing resource-oriented approach; interpersonal
awareness and empathy.