Project meetings

The events in Prague 20- 25 June, 2016


The events in Prague 20- 25 June, 2016: Project meeting, Join Staff Training Event and Dissemination Conference.

The fourth project meeting was in Prague in morning sessions 20,21 June 2016. Main goals for the meeting were to review progress in preparation of ACE project products and setting up a detailed plan for piloting courses, which will take place in autumn 2016 and winter 2017. Partners discussed the procedure of developed course modules and the piloting methods in all partnership countries.

The Joint staff training event continue from 20 to 24 June, 2016. During this event future pilot course trainers had a chance to get acquainted both with the structure and the spirit of the course and learnt what innovations had been built into it.

The Dissemination Conference was organized 22 June, 2016 in Prague. The main goal was to familiarize the stakeholders and potential users with implementation of the project, developed course and increase the valorization of project products.