Project meetings

The kick off project meeting in Prague, Czech Republic‎


The kick off meeting took place in Prague, 6,7 November 2014.

Project coordinator, Learning Centre ACZ in Prague hosted the representatives of partner’s organization.

During the meeting participants presented their organizations and working team of the consortium. By the discussions was identified the similarity of demographical situations in partners countries, related challenges for ageing society and the need of improvement care and social services for the seniors. By the meeting partners analyzed project administration rules, goals, target group, project outputs, milestones and dedicated the roles and functions for each partner.

Partners discussed and defined The Key Activities and implementation actions such as Content Analysis, Piloting, Online Content, Disseminations and Management. Project Management Team was established to which one person from each organization was delegated in order to ensure the quality of project management and communication within the consortium.

For Dissemination of project activities and outcomes partners are going to develope and public the 6 Electronic Newsletters, Logo, Project’s web page and Project’s Dissemination Plan. There the main dissemination activitie will be represented.

The project team during the first project meeting: